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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're Moving!

Check out the new and improved blog from now on @ www.ceeceemaki.com.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Brad and Ange secretly married? (Superficial)

Reese Witherspoon to surpass Julia Roberts as highest paid actress. (JustJared)

Whitney Houston pregnant? (Scoop)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baby Indulgence of the Day

Pigs really do fly with this animated paper toy. Your young'in (ok, really you) will have fun putting this mechanical toy together, turning the crank, and watching it fly. And if they don't, it'll look really cute in his/her room.


Mommy Indulgence of the Day

If you are unfamiliar with this man's work, may I introduce you to Ralph Steadman. My personal hero, Mr. Steadman is in my opinion, everything that can go right in illustration. The print to the left is a monument to his friend and colleague Hunter S. Thomson, great father of Gonzo journalism, who had committed suicide last year. Long live Gonzo!

Venting - The US Postal Service Sucks

I would probably bet more money than I have on the probability that a man wrote the passport laws. You might ask me "Why would I think a man necessarily wrote the laws? Why not a strong influential woman?" Well, if it was a woman she obviously doesn't have any children because if she did she would know that waiting on line for more than an hour with a baby in a hot boring post office is equivalent to the 7th level of hell. To make matters even more interesting, after waiting patiently with an obviously impatient baby, I get to the teller, hand over every document that I carefully made sure to take with me and prevent CeeCee from eating and tearing apart, and she turned me away because of the size of my baby's head in the photos. Besides the fact that it took me a week to coordinate this trip, took a confident chance that they'll accept the proof of identity I have with me because my husband winded up with my driver's license, got out the house without forgetting my house keys - she turned me away after watching my fidgety baby having a meltdown because her head was too big. What's even more frustrating is the fact that I took these photos at a place that supposedly has experience and only makes photos specifically for passports. Then as I lose my cool, said teller informs me that I don't have to bring the baby next time because she already saw her and that all I need to do is get two new pictures. Does this person realize that I can't just hop over and get new pictures? That my daughter's lunchtime was already ten minutes ago and that by the time I can even get out of the house again it's time for her nap? And who praytell will be watching my baby on such short notice? In conclusion, I have to spend another week preparing for the same thing. What do you think the reason for rejecting my application will be next time?
To Be Continued ........

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


More trés Jolie baby bump. (JustJared)

Britney Spears Mardi Gras bump. (HollywoodRag)

Nicole Ritchie's Simple pregnant Life. (PITNB)

Mommy Indulgence of the Day

These pajamas compliment the slippers in the previous Indulgence of the Day so well. Made from 100% cotton, Papinelle will make you feel like royalty. The ankle-length wide leg drawstring pants will also serve you well and banish the days of tripping on your pant-leg while walking down the stairs baby in arms.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Baby Indulgence of the Day

Design Within Reach
is known for its ultramodern sleek furniture. Now with a line of children's furniture, they're totally on the mark, appealing to the modern parents' sense of style. This modular couch is the perfect reading spot, fort, sleepover bed, play area etc.....

Baby Indulgence of tBaby Indulgence of the Day

Keep those pooties warm with these Pia Wallen Baby Slippers. Made in Sweden and with a rubber sole you'll enjoy the sound of pit pat on the floors and the relief of hearing what kind of trouble your baby is into now.

Mommy Indulgence of the Day

Throw out those raggedy Isotoners that you got five Christmases ago and step into these plush slippers by Amy Jo Gladstone. Actually, keep the old ones for when the kids are awake and spilling everything on you and use these to make your evenings a little more romantic.

Simply Confusing

I keep trying to convince myself that Tom and Katie are a completely normal couple who are in love and expecting their first child. Yet, the more publicity they try to garner for themselves and the more I see a 7-8 month pregnant woman galavanting around the world, I forced to pause. Tom had claimed that he was going to tuck Katie away from the public eye until the baby was born, but as soon as their is a blip on the gossip scene, out they come flying to Australia and Tahiti. Plus, in addition to all this third trimester flying, Katie takes frequent dips in the ocean, which I recall wasn't highly reccommended by my doctor and everyone else I know who was ever pregnant. In conclusion, I have postulated that either she's not pregnant (
although those chunky thighs say otherwise) or has been turned into Tom's drone.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mommy Indulgence of the Day

Tuck in the kids, grab a blanket, and cozy up with a hot cup of tea. Make a difference while doing it and try The Republic of Tea's Pink Lady Apple Green Tea. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Baby Indulgence of the Day

This travel baby lounger from Infantino is the perfect seat for your little one on the beach or on the lawn. It's especially good to keep baby occupied and safe on the bathroom floor while you take that much needed shower.

Head Banging

After a completely exhausting day, I am somehow finding the energy to post. Oh yeah .... and I'm coming down with something. Yet, somehow CeeCee was privy to that and decided not to take her second nap. So, in retaliation I refuse to cook dinner - which only hurts my husband so I don't see the logic but somehow in my feminine brain it works out.

The most frustrating part of an over-tired baby is the greater frequency of injury to both baby and mother. Baby doesn't know what to do with herself - baby attempts to crawl - baby too tired - baby bangs forehead on floor - baby cries - baby gets picked up - baby scratches mommy's face - baby pulls mommy's ear - baby pulls mommy's hair - baby gets put down - baby uninterested in toys - baby wants to stand (not in playpen but by extremely solid coffee table) and you get the picture.

Apart from the head banging, I also noticed that CeeCee is beginning to develop an inclination towards revenge. I'm sure these aren't completely malicious feeling but only a manifestation of her inability to communicate as well as she wants to. As a result, I get scratched when she doesn't like what I'm doing, whether it's taking away a sharp object or keeping her away from the solid coffee table. I can only assume that this is partially normal because I have seen so many mothers in the past fending for their lives as their babies clobber them. I am attempting to discourage such behavior but at 10 months old its difficult to discipline her. I can't giver her time outs or even scold her. So I will suffer in silence and wait for her to grow out of it or reach a reasonable age.

MMM... Morimoto

Masaharu Morimoto, also known as the Iron Chef, has finally come to Manhattan! The 12,000 sq ft hot spot is complete with a glass water bottle wall and blocks of wood the size of trees. The man himself, a quasi-eastern gunslinger, knife in hand, was concocting palatable pleasures at the Omakase Bar. The service was spectacular in a city where hailing a waitress is harder than hailing a cab. Each course was more savory than the next. Toro Tartare with Osetra Caviar, sashimi salad with yellow beans and the softest salmon I have ever tasted, sesame macaroon with green tea, stained glass maki, sushi with fresh wasabi, and more. The sake menu was carefully selected. This restaurant is quickly picking up speed so if you don't manage to get a reservation check out the lounge downstairs and try the White Lily and the Yellowtail pastrami. In my opinion, there is no reason to eat anywhere else.


88 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-8883

Friday, February 24, 2006

Mommy Indulgence of the Day

Nothing will make you and your baby happier than a good swaddle. Swaddling helps baby sleep better and reduces the risk of SIDS making Mommy more at ease. Baby-Gami fills you in on fun and creative ways to swaddle baby anywhere with anything.

Baby Indulgence of the Day

Clyde the Crab Can Count Plush Book will take your little one on a counting adventure. This plush book will be sure to foster a love of books and hugs.

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